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photographic tableaux
The construction created for the staged photography project in the form of a giant table took part in my project in a completely different way than the original purpose of it (a children's home-made house). In the final frame, the construction, dividing the frame in 2 halfs, creates the feeling of two different worlds existing side by side. The main theme of my work is the juxtaposition: cold and warm, hellish and heavenly, artificial and real, creation and consumption. The work also included the theme of escapism, escape from society to your cozy world.

“she cheated on him”
The triptych was inspired by Masaccio's fresco "The Tribute Money". From the fresco, the formula for constructing the image was taken, in the form of a kind of comic book, where several actions with the same characters occur in one picture and are not separated. I decided to do my work in the form of a triptych, so that one frame is divided into three and makes the viewer think why this was done. And then discover that one character appears in the frame three times.

“autumn in Russia”